Creating a beautiful home is about so much more than a beautiful piece of art or a great chair. It is like making a great family recipe, it stirs the emotions, triggers memories, and makes you feel warm and cozy. It takes more than buying a great lamp or a fabulous chair. Before you go shopping, let’s explore three common decorating mistakes and how to avoid them.

     1. Not Defining your Personal Style

How many times have you watched a show on television and thought you finally knew how your home should look? But then you go shopping and suddenly you are looking at Glam when you went shopping for Farmhouse? Perhaps Transitional was your jam but then you see a fabulous contemporary sofa…and you are down another rabbit hole.

So how do you narrow the focus and make smart decisions? Take the time to create a Pinterest Board!

Take some time, pour yourself a favorite beverage and pin with abandon! Search for the type of room you are planning to decorate. Pin rooms that you like the overall look of or that have elements that you think you would like. This is not the time to overthink this or over analyze. See a sofa style you like? Pin it. Beautiful rug? Pin.

After you have a board full of beautiful rooms, go back and look for commonalities. For example, sofas with rounded arms, curved legs on chairs, dark painted walls, and so on. Do not worry about defining a clear style, it is the elements that make up the style that matters most. They are the things that will make a room feel like home. 

2. Do not get sucked into a theme.

Whether you love coastal, western, or whatever other theme you can think of, do not create a predictable room filled with all the cliché elements of that theme. Allow yourself to be theme inspired…not theme driven. For example, if your theme is coastal, this may inspire a color palette not a wall of sea shell art.

     3. Do not forget function and comfort

Rooms aren’t just made for looking, they are made for living. As you build your room, keep in mind that the aesthetics can only go so far. Every space needs a place that allows for comfortable relaxing, a place to set down a beverage and your tablet. Be sure your space will be the place you want to be to relax and enjoy life with your people.

Bonus Tip: Do not be afraid to hire a professional like me to help you take your room to the next level. A free Discovery call is a great way to get acquainted and learn what resources are available to you are you work to create a home you love.