You are making changes and looking forward to exciting adventures!!

Selling your current place will start the next chapter in your story!

It really is about beginnings for you AND for potential homebuyers looking to find a home to begin their next story. Your home may be the one they have been dreaming of. Staging is the art of telling story in a 3D physical form, a story that buyers can see themselves in. 

The first step in marketing your home is to identify the wonderful aspects of your home and set those up as the main feature. Photo prep is KEY, those online photos need to speak the buyer's language. There is an art to furniture arrangement and knowing what types of materials photograph well. Our goal is to have photos that will immediately draw the buyer's eye to the featured element in the room. Beautiful rooms do not necessarily equal beautiful, engaging photos, but with a few tweaks from experienced hands they will!


Give me a call to schedule a consultation and we will 

start the work of creating the home your buyers are looking for.