Quick Fix Decorating

I love changing my home, how about you? No, I don’t mean major makeovers, (although I love that also) but quick fixes that signify a change in seasons, a holiday, or just a need for a visual lift. Of course, we are always limited by that ugly word…budget.

Let’s talk about Five Quick Fix ideas to transform your space in hours instead of weeks.

1. Add an accent paint color.

I don’t mean paint the entire room, but add color on an accent wall, inside a bookcase, or even paint your doors, leaving the trim as it is now. This is not the time to be timid, use a deep value color that really makes a statement. If you are unsure what color would work well for your space, give me a call and we can do a color consult to be sure you will love the change! Also, don't be afraid to just give it a try. Paint is relatively inexpensive and if you should not like it, try again! There's no such thing as failure- you either win or you learn.

2. New pillows or covers. 

Find some fun new pillows or covers to add life to your pillows. If you enjoy a good DIY visit your local fabric store and buy a variety of fabrics to mix and match. Sew a simple square and slide over existing pillow. Can’t sew? Use iron on fusible bonding or even hot glue. For the very best results and to use your pillow covers long into the future, only purchase or make covers which have a zipper or other means of removing them so you can wash them. Also, buy covers that are smaller than your inserts. This will keep you pillows looking full and beautiful! Add one or two down or down-mix pillows for an elevated look. Use the chop technique on them to change the line. Simply hold your hand above the pillow and bring it down to the middle with a quick chop that would make the Karate Kid proud.

3. Change the Botanicals. 

Plant and organic materials are back in a big way. Whether your preference is real or faux, simply get the best quality your budget can afford. ( An important note-if you are purchasing live plants be sure the light where you want them will be correct for the type of plant you are purchasing. A plant that is on its deathbed doesn't do a thing for your space.  ) Place them in interesting and unique containers from vintage to brand new. Consider what Mother Nature is doing outside and let your inside reflect a similar feel.

4. Rearrange the Room. 

Nothing can change the feel of a room more quickly than simple rearranging. Change the focal point from fireplace to outdoors or a great piece of art in the room. Remember to take into account the traffic patterns as well as function of the room. Want some extra help? Ask about our One Day Decorating service.

5. Get Creative with Clutter.

Nothing can make your home feel more tired than clutter. Sadly, we often quit seeing it and don’t realize how much it is impacting our space. First, if you got on the open shelving train, stop and take a really good look at them. Chances are they are messy, with dishes one wouldn’t typically showcase. Purchase some oversize bowls, tureens, or platters and make a statement. Add a wood board for warmth. Then add some storage baskets for style and function. Larger statement items provide style without adding a busy, cluttered look. Don't forget to add items with texture!

I hope I have inspired you to make some quick fixes in your home. If you would like some help to create a space you love, schedule a free discovery call with me. We can get better acquainted and I can learn about your space and share how I can help! Click here to go to my scheduling app. https://sandiastaginganddesign.com/contact/

Until next time, here's to creating a home you love!