Spring Decorating

Spring is here!!

Mother Nature has done it again, she is unleashing spring in all its glory. Not only are we appreciating the visual changes, even the air feels refreshed. We are ready to enjoy longer days and the promise of summer. Let’s talk about some ways to give your home a spring refresh.

1. Start the Spring Cleaning. Open the windows, wash all the bed linens and if you can, hang them outside to dry. Nothing smells better than air dried sheets and bedding.

2. Add a fresh color to your exterior door. This is such a simple way to give your house fresh curb appeal and a bow to the season.

3. Now that the door is painted, freshen up your entry porch with a new welcome rug, a spring wreath for the door, and some fresh cushions for a chair or two.

4. Inside, it is time to change out your botanicals and florals to reflect the season. Fresh or faux, purchase the best you can afford.

5. Swap out area rugs for sisal or a woven rug.

6. Change sofa pillows and throws for lightweight ones to remove some of that winter weight.

7. Change your major art piece in a room for a floral or landscape that gives you a touch of color or whimsy. We personally love to change some of our art with each season.

8. If everything has not blossomed in your yard yet, simply cut some branches to bring inside and force the blooms. Most will root in the water and can be planted after the blooms are all gone.

9. Refresh your bookcases with self-stick wallpaper on the back wall. Try arranging your books by color. It's a fun visual change!

10. Get outside and enjoy! We have just experienced one of the most restrictive and limiting years in our history. Go wave to the neighbors, sit on your porch, and enjoy the new season.