Make your listing package stand out from the rest by including a consultation with me...

Selling a home is an emotional experience. I will meet with your client and remind them of the wonderful aspects of their home while helping them see it through a buyer's eyes. A good understanding of needed changes and the reasons for those will result in the seller being excited to get their home ready for sale. A home that is desirable and ready for market allows you to do your best work! I focus first on how I can benefit your business and help you get more listings by making you look fantastic!

   Some of the ways I benefit your business are:

  1: Timely and Efficient Communication 

In today's fast paced world, good communication is key! You can depend on me to respond promptly to any call, email, or text as well as following up to provide information to you and your client in a timely manner. This allows me to provide my services as quickly and efficiently as possible and helps to build trust with your client.

2:  Certified Professional Home Stager

Certification and credibility matter to your sellers, so they know when I make a recommendation it's in their best interest.

3: Photo Prep

The listing photos which are posted online is the first, and often most important, step in effective marketing of the home. I will strategically stage the home specifically with the photos in mind. Amazing photos will result in more interest and showings turning into more and better offers! Having those amazing photos online for your listings also market YOU and your brand. 

4: Let Me Be Your Hero

Selling a home is an emotional experience. Your client's home is a representation of them and it can be difficult to help the seller understand the changes that need to be made in a positive, encouraging manner. I am an expert at focusing on the home's assets while helping the seller to see the home more objectively through  "buyer's eyes". 

5: Seller Education

Some sellers are not familiar with staging and the value it brings, both in the overall price and selling their home quickly. Allow me to educate them! If you include a staging consultation in your listing package, I can highlight the value you are providing by helping them understand the huge benefit of staging. 

Occupied Homes

The DIY-er 

A walk and talk consultation will provide the seller with all the information needed to understand what needs to be done in the home to make it shine. Armed with this knowledge, they can set to work implementing these ideas and soon have the home ready for photos that will look great online and a home that will present well to buyers.

The Seller Who Needs A Partner

Many sellers are happy to work to make their home more buyer ready, but need someone to come alongside, roll up their sleeves, and work with them to get it accomplished. We love working alongside sellers to make that transformation in their home!

The Hands-Off Seller

Many sellers just don't have the time or desire to work on their home to get it ready to sell. We can create a tiered proposal for us to take care of the staging using primarily all their own items, with suggestions of items to purchase when necessary. Depending on their budget, we can focus on the most critical areas of the home only or work to transform the entire home.

Vacant Homes

There is no question that vacant homes sell much more quickly and for a higher price when professionally staged.  Our proposals include a tiered approach to get the very most benefit for the sellers budget. There is a huge difference between a home having furniture in it and being staged in a way that brings that "at home" feeling to the buyer so that they can envision themselves living in this house.....and loving it!

Sell Faster and For More Money!

It always makes sense to sell a home quickly and for the most money possible!  Finding that balance and having a reputation for being the agent who helps sellers "cash in" on their homes will help make you stand out from the rest.

When 9 out of every 10 buyers view the home online first, it's essential that the photos are of professionally staged rooms!